Many of you have probably noticed that our plexiglass partitions are down, and you can see our full faces again. That's because, on June 15, Gov. Cuomo announced that NY has officially lifted its COVID restrictions across commercial settings! Click HERE to read the governor's announcement in its entirety. 


We are thrilled to report that for Ruby's Bar & Grill and the rest of the Coney Island community, that means it's business as usual! A HUGE THANK YOU to every single person in the medical profession who worked tirelessly to keep us safe and to everyone who patiently complied with the pandemic restrictions for so long.


Folks, we've finally turned the page on this pandemic, and it's time to celebrate. And there's no better place to do that than legendary Ruby's Bar & Grill. See you on the boardwalk!


 (Please NOTE: Per the governor's declaration and federal CDC guidance, unvaccinated people are still responsible for wearing a mask in public.)