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You'll often hear people talking about "the magic of Coney Island." Given that Coney is home to so many incredible attractions, it's no wonder that some might assume that this is what is meant by "Coney magic."

But the true magic of Coney Island isn't in any THING; the TRUE magic of Coney is embodied in the incredibly talented people who make up our tight-knit, diverse community of artists, musicians, writers, athletes, performers, small business owners, and so many more.

Coney is where self-expression and acceptance rule and where every person — resident and visitor alike — is made to feel appreciated and supported for just being themselves.

Our founder and patriarch, Ruby Jacobs, believed so much in the magic of Coney Island that he started Ruby's here on the boardwalk several generations ago, a tradition we are proud to continue today under the designation of a family- and female-owned and -operated small business.

Every person who walks through our doors is welcome and is expected and encouraged to show respect and acceptance toward all.   


May your time here at Coney Island and your visit with us here at Ruby's Bar & Grill be as magical as it can be, and may you find it a fun, inspirational and safe space to express yourselves.  

We hope to see you on the boardwalk!


The Sarrel Family
2nd- & 3rd-generation Ruby's owners